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Internet isn’t really for you



     Procrastination. I feel like this word has been really trending among students these days.  They tend to kill so much of their time doing nonsense things on the net world. Some would even nag in their statuses in facebook and tweets in twitter like “OMYG! Haven’t finish doin my school craps” or like “Haven’t started doing even a dot in my 1000-words essay for my major subject” and all the nags and whines, you’ll see it online. Some would rather stay all night long like an owl cooing in the middle of the night playing online games like DOTA, Call of Duty, Conquer and  Only to find out they have to meet lots of deadlines and examinations the next day. Well, I’m not saying it’s bad for the skin to harbor into such habits but one must also find the equilibrium for such matters.

     To my surprise, I heard some people started to blame the existence of internet for screen time addiction. Some even blame it for destroying our national parks like “WHATTHEHECK?!!!!” Don’t they think and pay even a tint of gratitude how the ‘internet’ offered a very helping hand in so many ways? For their research, homeworks, whenever they feel like just sitting and be a couch potato instead of doing their school papers and just settle for a copy-paste outcome , you know a mediocre and good-for-nothing kind of work. Now they even got the nerve to point out all the blame to the internet.

I guess you guys should cross the other side of the bridge and maybe ponder to these following bullets and it might ring a bell:

  • The only real imperative that comes with social media is to share. 
  • Social media makes us do things easier but it’s all up to our hands how we handle it with care and not just advantages alone because in the long run, it will bear disadvantages.
  • People must have lost the idea of hard work and perseverance that the only way they could finish one thing is through internet
  • Recreational activity doesn’t just surround surfing the net world, playing those online games during free time; you could grab a good book from the nearest book store or have a cone of frozen ice cream with a friend.
  • We might have forgotten that our parents have successfully finished their entire academic year with google.
  • Manage your priorities and do it first before wandering around the net world
  • It’s about balance.


     Let’s cut-off that stupid blame-game. It’s doesn’t yield to any positive outcomes. It might worsen instead. Maybe you only have disregarded the idea that what causes those hapless circumstances and failures in your life is your lack of responsibility. If you dwell and has been fond of the blame-game for your mishaps, then maybe INTERNET ISN’T REALLY FOR YOU. 


Our flaw (Collaboration)

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They see us as a happy song filled
with the perfect harmony
Perfect combo, as they say
List oh list, we’ve been a perfect disguise
For we both know we had this flaw inside
Flaws that may tear us apart
Laws that reign over our hearts
Why can’t we see what’s supposed to be?
Should this happen for you and me?
Clog, I guess that’s the word we missed
The word I’ve been really pissed!
Can’t you spare a minisecond for our love?
A second to cherish and be loved
It’s something you taught me
And now I am in vain
Even if how loud I scream
All these words I couldn’t say
Now how I wish people see the frown
behind these smiles
The tears I cried when we’re out
for miles
You see? I cared too much
While you’re there, just waiting for me
to reach and touch
Though wings have withered
of air’s cold and bitter
Still one day is tomorrow,
Hands over smile and sorrow
So here I am mourning the perfectly flawed melody we had
Strumming till dawn, wishing you’re here my, My Lad.

Uncertainty; Certain (Villanelle)

I think I’m insane

Something that’s bothering

A thing I cannot feign


An unknown thing I can’t tame

But yeah, it feels so amazing

I think I’m insane


You know what’s my aim?

To unveil this irresistible feeling

A thing I cannot feign


A romantic reverie keeps me throughout the day

An antidote to my wishful sweet nothings

I think I’m insane


Night and day, it inflames

Like a human specie keeps on evolving

A thing I cannot feign


Oh love! The language I claim

My mundane world has chanted

I think I’m insane

A thing I cannot feign.

Exhaling Fag (Triolet)

Smoking kills so as they say

But why can I hardly stop?

In my hand the evidence stay

Smoking kills so as they say

As I put off this one last stick on my ashtray

I can feel my heart and sanity drop

Because smoking kills so as they say

But why can I hardly stop.

Ode on Hopelessness

This strand I am dearly holding

a grasp to continually live

Obstacles and trials are often overwhelming

Peace of mind, the thing I’m deprived


People say, it’s a constant turning wheel

I say, that’s just an excuse

My life is cursed, that’s what I feel

See, I can’t even refuse


On my lonely night hours, I creep

to the sea, I drown till I sink

On my deceitful day hours, I feign

to be as happy as they think


I want to punctuate an end to this

what’s the best thing to do?

A rebellion, an escapade or a suicide?

Then someone whispered, a prayer will do.

Dogmatic Belief of Idealism



Why not try to combine all the different colors in an array of crayons. Prepare the necessary material; the clean slate paper. Grab one, grab the other. Use it with your absolute freedom to choose. Little by little, do it in your own pace. Don’t mind what picture it might render. Splash them. Splash it. Clash the bright colors and the dark ones. Whichever comes first.  Just let your hands do the talking.  Now, stop. Look at it. Face it. What have you done?  You’ll see a tint of BLACK, right?

No matter how you artistically combined all those colorful crayons. Be it in abstract or minimalist. You’ll end up with a spark of NOTHINGNESS. Just as how you try to please people. Do as what they say. Be the kind of perfectionist. Refrain from Sins. Be on the majority side. Put them all together to achieve what they desire. You’ll end up with a mess. Failing. Refuting yourself. Even fooling yourself. Just like the make-believe of meeting that impeccable knight and shining armor Princes we had in our young fairy-tales. Idealism will always be just another set of a superstitious belief, a faculty of the imaginative minds of people. To seek idealism will always be like scratching blood from a stone, IMPOSSIBLE.

No one has it. No matter how you try to seek and look for it. You will never have it. No one will ever have it. It will never get out of the surface nor outweigh realism.

A Second Street


I quietly stared at the peaceful calm blue sky

The green lush grass smells the significant past

I wondered on the second street why

How come this uncertain feeling still last


As the moon arrives on its halfway

You came along with a smize

Oh! There you are, I’m up and high!

I’m the heroine you need to save twice


Six minutes before the era ends

I rush back and forth then

Catching every breath as you gradually vanish

The mist just take you without further notice


I blankly stared at the picturesque sunrise

The wet grass sparks a hint of reality

I wondered on the second street why

Why there can’t be you and I.