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Dogmatic Belief of Idealism



Why not try to combine all the different colors in an array of crayons. Prepare the necessary material; the clean slate paper. Grab one, grab the other. Use it with your absolute freedom to choose. Little by little, do it in your own pace. Don’t mind what picture it might render. Splash them. Splash it. Clash the bright colors and the dark ones. Whichever comes first.  Just let your hands do the talking.  Now, stop. Look at it. Face it. What have you done?  You’ll see a tint of BLACK, right?

No matter how you artistically combined all those colorful crayons. Be it in abstract or minimalist. You’ll end up with a spark of NOTHINGNESS. Just as how you try to please people. Do as what they say. Be the kind of perfectionist. Refrain from Sins. Be on the majority side. Put them all together to achieve what they desire. You’ll end up with a mess. Failing. Refuting yourself. Even fooling yourself. Just like the make-believe of meeting that impeccable knight and shining armor Princes we had in our young fairy-tales. Idealism will always be just another set of a superstitious belief, a faculty of the imaginative minds of people. To seek idealism will always be like scratching blood from a stone, IMPOSSIBLE.

No one has it. No matter how you try to seek and look for it. You will never have it. No one will ever have it. It will never get out of the surface nor outweigh realism.