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A Second Street


I quietly stared at the peaceful calm blue sky

The green lush grass smells the significant past

I wondered on the second street why

How come this uncertain feeling still last


As the moon arrives on its halfway

You came along with a smize

Oh! There you are, I’m up and high!

I’m the heroine you need to save twice


Six minutes before the era ends

I rush back and forth then

Catching every breath as you gradually vanish

The mist just take you without further notice


I blankly stared at the picturesque sunrise

The wet grass sparks a hint of reality

I wondered on the second street why

Why there can’t be you and I.


My Best Resort

I wanted to get lost

to a place no one knows

somewhere I’m bound to toast

the pleasure of the yearning souls


I would swiftly run away leaving my mask

just to get rid of the cruel past

I sunk to a neck deep of despair

just to elude to be tagged as impaired


Let the moon undergo its transformation

as if he systematically knows his next move

for him to withdraw the fraudulent notion

that he’s no longer smitten by the sweet lobe


Looking beyond the lines you tried to do

but even the prominent philosopher

could end up having a foe

because it’s only me who could decipher


Not until I’m lost from benign nowhere

An exile will come back to welcome me

For I’m a butterfly seeking for a nectar of a flower

To satisfy my cravings for everyone to see in the family tree


You might dither to look for me

I don’t give a flap

Coz I always wanted to be free

To a place where I deserve a CLAP.