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Uncertainty; Certain (Villanelle)

I think I’m insane

Something that’s bothering

A thing I cannot feign


An unknown thing I can’t tame

But yeah, it feels so amazing

I think I’m insane


You know what’s my aim?

To unveil this irresistible feeling

A thing I cannot feign


A romantic reverie keeps me throughout the day

An antidote to my wishful sweet nothings

I think I’m insane


Night and day, it inflames

Like a human specie keeps on evolving

A thing I cannot feign


Oh love! The language I claim

My mundane world has chanted

I think I’m insane

A thing I cannot feign.


Exhaling Fag (Triolet)

Smoking kills so as they say

But why can I hardly stop?

In my hand the evidence stay

Smoking kills so as they say

As I put off this one last stick on my ashtray

I can feel my heart and sanity drop

Because smoking kills so as they say

But why can I hardly stop.

Ode on Hopelessness

This strand I am dearly holding

a grasp to continually live

Obstacles and trials are often overwhelming

Peace of mind, the thing I’m deprived


People say, it’s a constant turning wheel

I say, that’s just an excuse

My life is cursed, that’s what I feel

See, I can’t even refuse


On my lonely night hours, I creep

to the sea, I drown till I sink

On my deceitful day hours, I feign

to be as happy as they think


I want to punctuate an end to this

what’s the best thing to do?

A rebellion, an escapade or a suicide?

Then someone whispered, a prayer will do.