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A Second Street


I quietly stared at the peaceful calm blue sky

The green lush grass smells the significant past

I wondered on the second street why

How come this uncertain feeling still last


As the moon arrives on its halfway

You came along with a smize

Oh! There you are, I’m up and high!

I’m the heroine you need to save twice


Six minutes before the era ends

I rush back and forth then

Catching every breath as you gradually vanish

The mist just take you without further notice


I blankly stared at the picturesque sunrise

The wet grass sparks a hint of reality

I wondered on the second street why

Why there can’t be you and I.





I know you, I wish you know me too
Every tick of the clock
Calls the nuisance of my heart
That someday you might notice the throbbing sound of a trembling heart

You are someone, while I’m a nobody
Unbeatable, unshaken, unwavering
Someone everyone desires to be
For sure we’ll never be on the same land

But everyday the thought of you lingers me
Blows me to a place where have always long for
To your warm touch where we could just hide and flee
How I wish I could call you mine as I can also be yours

All of a sudden, I’m awake
Awake from my specious reverie
The reverie that lulled me into
A make believe that there’s you and me

Now I feel so pathetic and desperate
To hope for someone I can never
I can never make the impossible plausible
For I am no exceptional girl that qualifies your unattainable land.

The Sound of A Broken Heart

hear the vibe of every beat of it makes
hear the voice of every word it fakes
creeps at night, the endless cry
watch it falls, the tears run dry

Bang and bounce in timeless motion
pumps for life but now no reason
blood stream flows a mile of slope
to bring the mind the bits of hope
voiceless mischief of its defiance
pain it clings in a sudden silence
roars a voice of shades of gray
loudly love results dismay

hear the vox of its serious chant
conveys a language the mind can’t
sensing emotion drown into fire
depicts the words of the heart’s desire

hear it beats like a noteless music
strum the strings of a broken lyric
drums of beat plays like a restless spirit
resonates the feeling of how i fear it

Hear it speaks of love in vile
shows a face of a busted smile
moan the vain that tore me apart
the sound of my broken heart 😦